Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life with Jo MPowerz

@Intuitive Wellness Center
8996 Burke Lake Rd, Suite L106

16 Apr 23:00 - 17 Apr 00:30


Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life—with Jo MPowerz

$15 from 7:00 to 8:30pm

The letters of the alphabet are a sacred technology and the story behind them, as told by author Vimala Rodgers in her works “Your Handwriting can change Your Life, Transform your Life through handwriting and Ligatures: Accelerating Your Life Path is fascinating and informative,” can make a huge shift in your life.

Handwriting the letters of the Vimala System truly can be life changing and transformative. In this workshop we will learn about the 26 letters and the additional 26 ligatures (two letters cursively joined together as one letter) of the alphabet. We will practice handwriting the letters so you can feel the energy of them as they are handwritten. Come out and discover for yourself the joy of handwriting and see how miracles can happen.

The Vimala System is the only writing program that is easy to implement, and specifically designed as a tool to build self-esteem with each stroke of the pen.

***Please bring paper and rollerball pens to practice writing. Red and blue pens are best--any color except black!***