Feb 2015 Meetup: Getting Started with Meteor & REST Fundamentals

@Hacker Dojo
599 Fairchild Drive

06 Aug 01:30 - 04:15

by meetup.com


Join us for some or all of these exciting Node workshops we have planned for 2015!

The objective of these workshops is to help novice and intermediate Node developers take their skills to the next level. By the end of the year you should have a better understanding of how Node works plus how develop secure and scalable apps by using readily available tools and open source software. Each month will cover a new topic, with take home exercises to test your knowledge. Each evening will conclude with an informal “hack session” to get one-on-one mentoring on the topics presented during the Meetup.

For those coming straight from work, pizza and drinks will be provided. Video recordings of the talks will posted shortly after the event for those who cannot join us.


• 6:30-6:45 PM - Admin, Job and Sponsor Announcements
• 6:45-7:00 PM - Lightning Talks (Bring your talks and pitches. First come first served!)
• 7:00-7:45 PM - Workshop #1: Developing Complete Apps with Meteor
• 7:45-8:00 PM - Break
• 8:00-8:15 PM - Workshop #2: REST API Fundamentals & Choosing the Right Framework for the Task
• 8:45-9:15 PM - Open Hack Session & One-on-One Mentoring

The workshops scheduled for the first half of the evening are geared towards developers brand new to Node. We’ll start from ground zero and build up knowledge and skills to help you better understand how Node works, developing npm modules, async programing principles, effective JavaScript programming, testing and more.

The workshops scheduled for the second half of the evening will be geared towards developers with an intermediate understanding of Node’s fundamentals. By the end of the series, you should have enough knowledge to leverage open source modules to develop and deploy more advanced Node applications using the open source LoopBack framework.


Workshop #1: In this talk, Rahul Choudhury from Q42 will demonstrate Meteor, a new type of platform that allows you to write complete applications - client and server - targeting web and smartphones in a fraction of the time it takes on other platforms. This talk will be a 30-45 minute live coding demo of building a simple app with Meteor that showcases its primary features and gives you a foundation to start building your next app on Meteor.

Workshop #2: In this talk, Shubhra Kar from StrongLoop will walk you through the fundamentals of REST, making requests, handling responses and how middleware works in Node. Finally, he'll compare and contrast various Node frameworks like Express, Hapi, restify and LoopBack and their suitability for building scalable APIs.

Thanks to our sponsors StrongLoop and CA Technologies for providing venue, food and beverage, plus video recording services.