Kathleen Milner/Public Healing Demonstrations

@21100 Dulles Town Circle
(In front of Macy's)

16 Apr 22:00 - 17 Apr 00:00

by meetup.com


• Kathleen Milner/Public Healing Demonstrations
I facilitate healing demonstrations on Monday evenings, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, at Cookology, which is in the lower level of the Dulles Town Center, across from Macy's. I am a natural healer and psychic. Recently, the healings that have come through me are phenomenal. Clearings and healings far exceed expectations and are extraordinary.
With each session more is released. Healings hold.
. . . Woman released her lupus symptoms.
. . . Man released long-term back pain.
. . . Woman released neck & shoulder pain.
. . . I've always been good at releasing the cause of migraines. If you know of someone with PTSD, tell them about our meetings.
Volunteers go within to acknowledge issues. God's Angels bring deep issues up to the surface. (No one but you knows what they are.) Volunteers breathe their mental and emotional issues away so that physical healing is able to manifest.
Healing energy comes into me and through me from God. The above photo and the photographer's remarks are on the home page of www.KathleenAnnMilner.com.

. . . Bring an open mind and heart.

• Important to know:
I cannot guarantee that healings will happen, or what form the healings will take. I accept donations. Read Ellen Burmgardner's account of miracles that I facilitated for her and her horse on the blog page of . . .
www.KathleenAnnMilner.com - http://kathleenannmilner.com/blog/healing-testimonials