$20 Acupuncture

@Therapy Box, Inc.
5714 B Industry Lane

16 May 15:00 - 23:00

by meetup.com


Tuesdays 3-7pm
Wednesdays 2-7pm
Saturdays 11-3pm

Affordable and straightforward pricing means holistic care can now be a regular part of your health & wellness strategy!

Benefits of acupuncture (the short list!)
-Decrease in pain/inflammation
-Improve quality of sleep
-Reduce stress
-Increased ability to focus
-Balance emotions & moods
-Manage appetite & cravings
-Relief from allergies

Benefits of Community Style Acupuncture
-Friends & family can experience treatment together.
-The length of your session is determined by you.. stay as long as you like!
-Low cost, effective & efficient form of preventative/corrective healthcare for the price of a co-pay.
-Affordable pricing means you can get the follow up care required to achieve your health goals. - The group energy (collective qi) enhances a sense of comfort & support. -Fully clothed! Just take off your shoes, roll up your pants and sleeves and enjoy the recliners!

$35 - first visit (includes medical intake)
$20 - each additional visit after the first.
$130 - 10 visit card ($13/visit!)
$ 85 - 5 visit card ($17/visit!)

Tuesdays 3-7pm
Wednesdays 2-7pm
Saturdays 11-3pm