Getting to Know the Ascended Masters! Session 2 of 3

@The Joyfull Spirit
9116 Center Street, Ste. 105

11 Jul 23:30 - 12 Jul 01:30


June 13th ~ July 11th ~ August 8th
7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Did you know that the Ascended Masters are readily available to us for loving messages and guidance whenever we need them? They are never too busy for us!!

Join Celeste Woods as she presents in-depth information on these beautiful and powerful masters! Guided by spirit to update this popular workshop to include our more modern masters, Celeste will present 4 different Ascended Masters in each of 3 monthly sessions that will include a Powerpoint presentation followed by a guided meditation. We will invite those masters to come through with powerful, channeled messages for all!!

No prior knowledge or meditation experience is required.