❓❤️❓ Universal & Soul Wisdom Group Hypnosis (CUSTOMIZED FOR ATTENDEES' GOALS)

@Kevin's Lodge
4791 Wintergreen Court

15 Jul 14:00 - 17:00

by meetup.com


Group Hypnosis by Courtney D. Starkey, M.Ed., MHt, Pay It Forward Hypnosis, LLC

❓❤️❓ Group event topics are usually determined ahead of time and then somewhat tailored to the needs of the attendees'... however, this event is extra special since it will be fully customized to the attendees' Higher Wisdom hypnosis goals/questions/etc.

I cannot wait to see who joins us as well as the hypnosis goals/questions that are presented.

Know that the topics can easily range from specific goals (such as healing a relationship, etc.) to "big picture" questions (such as inquiring about the purpose of life, etc.) There are no limits to what we can investigate and learn more about.

Your inquires may include any topics of interest to you and we can trust that the Universe will bring together the loving and advanced souls that are meant to go on this profound hypnosis journey together.

I am truly excited to learn who will attend, what you'll ask, and all that we'll discover as a result of your incredible group session. Potential topics may include:

*Life's lessons & purpose
*Abundance & wellness
*Soul group & soulmates information
*Letting go & releasing blocks
*Healing for the mind/body/heart/soul

Please be sure to bring your own questions and goals and I will weave them into the group session in a way that benefits everyone in the group.

After emerging from the hypnosis portion, participants will be invited to utilize their own intuition during a profound (and fun!) psychometry exercise. This is a group favorite and very validating to the overall experience. ❤️

A Q&A session will conclude this uniquely uplifting and engaging group session.

✨🎁✨Attendees will also receive a meaningful gift (in the spirit of continuing one's learning).

✔️Event Price: $40 (please register in advance via Meetup's payment link... to do so, click the red "Yes" button in response to the "Are you going?" question and Meetup will take you through the online payment process)

✔️Participant Form: Consent & Release of Liability Form:
If this is your *first* time working with Courtney, please print, fill out, and bring the form with you... Thank you! 😊

For more information about this event, please see the following flyer: July 15 Event Flyer https://www.facebook.com/PayItForwardHypnosisLLC/photos/a.1492982177607248.1073741828.1492959704276162/2021438698094924/?type=3&theater

💖Be sure to bring all that you'll need to stay cozy (yoga mat, pillow, blanket, etc.) since we'll be in hypnosis for about 90 minutes and you'll probably want to lie down and get really comfortable during that relaxing time.

About the Hypnotherapist:

Courtney D. Starkey, M.Ed., MHt has trained with many leaders in the field of hypnosis & utilizes their methods (including Weiss' PLR, Newton's LBL, Cannon's QHHT, and Bowman's Affect Bridging) during one-on-one sessions as well as during group events. In her practice, she supports her clients by guiding them through personalized hypnosis sessions. While in the hypnotic state, clients may experience healing, relaxation, and/or abundance exercises, access past life memories, tap into the future (progressions), and connect with their own higher wisdom as well as universal wisdom. She greatly enjoys joining clients on their unique and inspiring journeys.

Feel free to contact Courtney at: