Wed/Fri Evening Singles [3.5+] @ Olney Manor - Round 1

@Olney Manor Recreational Park
16601 Georgia Avenue

16 May 22:00 - 17 May 00:00


MATCH PLAY, SINGLES: This Meetup features singles match play at the 3.5 level and above--if you do not want to play singles matches, a different event from this group may better serve you. Players will be matched by skill level if the distribution permits. (First-timers, please report your level when you RSVP. If you are bringing guests, always report their levels.)

INCLEMENT WEATHER: If inclement weather is predicted, I will periodically update the comment thread with respect to the cancellation status.

ATTENDANCE: The current RSVP limit is 8, as I do not anticipate being able to reserve more than 4 courts. It is best that you show up early to reserve courts; courts tend to start disappearing at 6:30, hence the early start time.

ROTATION: In the event of uneven numbers or insufficient court occupation, members will generally rotate position after abbreviated sets (best of 3) to keep everyone relatively warm and occupied.

SUPPLIES: Bring a can of balls--we generally rotate through members' supply as needed. Also bring liquids, electrolytes, and energy tabs as needed for your level of conditioning.

DISCLAIMER: All participants play at their own risk. This group's organizers are not responsible for any injuries that may occur.

SUPPORT: There is a nominal fee for membership in this group; take advantage of the trial period if you aren't ready to commit.

UPDATES: If you would like to receive event updates by text message, provide your phone number in a direct message; this information will only be used to provide information on events to which you have RSVP'd.

This event caters to tennis players capable of playing at the NTRP 3.5 level and above. A reference sheet is located here: