Stages of the Path to Enlightenment: Middle Length Lamrim of Lama Tsongkhapa

@Guhyasamaja Buddhist Center
10875 Main Street, Unit 108

15 Sep 14:30 - 16:30


This is an intermediate level course most suitable for practicing Buddhists and non-Buddhists already familiar with foundational Buddhist concepts; registration is recommended to participate fully but walk-ins and those joining mid-course are also welcome.

From a Buddhist perspective, there is nothing more valuable in the universe than these amazing moments of your precious human life. The Buddha describes 18 unique qualities of a special, human life which particularly grant us freedom and opportunity to practice the spiritual path. It's up to us: we can use our lives to create more suffering for ourselves and others or we can use them to practice the spiritual path in order to gain good future rebirths, achieve liberation from samsaric suffering, or progress along the path of compassion towards full enlightenment for the welfare of all sentient beings.

During this series of classes on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, we'll study, contemplate, and meditate together on many different meditation techniques which are taught in a gradual sequence to help us progress from where we currently are forward along the spiritual path towards full enlightenment.

The spiritual path is an inner path which entails transforming our own minds and hearts. Texts in the Stages of the Path (Lamrim in Tibetan) tradition provide clear, accessible guidance along this inner path. Our study for these classes will mainly be based on Lama Tsongkhpa's classic text, the "Middle Length Lamrim", supplemented by materials from "The Easy Path" by Panchen Lama Lobsang Chokyi Gyaltsen. Our plan is for this series of classes to go on for some time as we very slowly work together to go deeply into these meditations.

Each class session will include preliminary prayers done (in English) according to the Stages of the Path Tradition, guided meditations, and study of specific lines of the text. Lines that we study in a given session will be the subject of our meditation in the next session.

The center can provide digital copies of the text and materials at no charge so that you may print them yourself, as needed. Please e-mail our Spiritual Program Coordinator, Dondrub, at [masked] to request digital materials; please also specify if you're registering to participate fully or if you simply plan on sitting in from time to time.