Learn American Sign Language

@Zed's Cafe
8225 Georgia Ave

15 Sep 18:00 - 20:00

by meetup.com


Ever wanted to learn American sign language? Well here is your chance to learn. I hold a Bachelors degree in American Sign Language and have been teaching this for over ten years. You will learn many words, sentences, songs, and we will play games with ASL. I make the classes very interactive.

Guest are allowed to attend but adults only, please.

I need at least 4 RSVP's to keep this class scheduled.

The cafe is a cozy comfy cafe and small so you will be able to find the group They have coffe, tea, small snacks, and desserts.

Metro friendly and parking available.

We will have this class at least once a month or more if people ask and join a class.

Each class is $15.00 for two-hour class. You will receive copies for each class to take with you to practice. Please bring it with you to the class. I also have a pay pal swip or a pay pal account as well.

I am also available for tutoring for an additional cost but I keep the costs at a low price.