Holistic Energy Clearing

@Intuitive Wellness Center
8996 Burke Lake Rd, Suite L106

10 Aug 23:00 - 11 Aug 01:00

by meetup.com


We begin by bringing in the Quantum field and immediately you begin to release the beliefs that no longer serve you. I observe what is going on in your personal energy field and begin to call up the energy so that it can be released. We then focus on manifesting through a technique that was a channeled information from my guides and Angels. This is truly a unique experience we touch on past life trauma if it is there and we do some cord cutting if need be, we also check for entities . It really is up for grabs when you walk through the door. The newest channeled healing has been the Angel resets, that is what the Angels call them. Angel resets are a powerful download for what ever energy is needed to balance yours. This new balance can create a lot more ease or joy in your life . whatever you are looking for, come join this unique experience and begin to feel lighter instantly.