Defining Your Value to Hiring Managers and Recruiters - An Essential for All

@Launch Workplaces
1201 Seven Locks Road

15 Sep 12:30 - 16:00


At the beginning of every interaction between you the job seeker and the hiring authorities, you need to clearly define the benefit that you bring to the potential employer.

In 2017, found this to be the hardest concept for job seekers to grasp. At best our attendees think in terms of their past accomplishments. While this is terrific, we need to translate our past accomplishments into how we will accomplish positive benefits for our future employer.

Ultimately our initial salary is based on how the potential employer views our value to their firm. Our continuing employment and salary increases are based on our actual value to the firm.

Treat this seminar as a formal job interview. For men this means wearing suit and tie. Bring several copies of your resume. offers FREE business seminars. At the end their will be a 10 minute Christian story.