C * ~30 miles * Leave from VMP & join Friday Lunch Ride *Veirs Mill Park

@Veirs Mill Park Recreation Center
4425 Garrett Park Rd

10 Aug 13:00 - 18:00

by meetup.com


8/10: We will be riding to Bethesda this week.

If you want to join the “Friday Lunch Ride” but want most of the miles before lunch (starting earlier and further south), then try this ride.
We will start at Veirs Mill Park (VMP) at the North end of Beach Drive and ride up the Rock Creek Trail to Lake Needwood in time for a short break before joining Deborah’s “Friday Lunch Ride”.

This ride will be the same length as the “Friday Lunch Ride” if lunch in Bethesda and could be a few miles longer if lunch in a more northern city, such as Olney or Rockville.

This ride will be at a C pace, averaging 10-11 mph on the Rock Creek Trail and 12-14 if on flat roads (such as Beach Drive); see the Ride Class Table (https://www.potomacpedalers.org/ride-class-table) for more info on ride classes and average speeds.

Please remember to bring helmet, bike lock, and lunch money. Please arrive in time to be ready to roll at our departure time of 9:00.