Eye Gazing Meditation for Authentic Connection

@Arlington Public Library, Central Branch
1015 N Quincy St, Arlington, VA

10 Aug 15:00 - 16:30

by meetup.com


**Location is in the Glebe Room (meeting room)
**Please RSVP if you plan on attending. If there are no RSVP's at the time of the meetup, it will be cancelled.


The aim of this meetup event is to foster the natural authentic connection between humans and all of life. It is a different level than how we normally communicate. This is done by combining presence that arises from inward focus, breathwork and meditation, and eye gazing with other humans. To best serve this goal and quieten the mind, it is strongly requested that you maintain complete Silence from beginning to end. No talking, answering phones, texting, etc. is allowed. Consider this as a meditation practice (a silent Happy Hour if you will). If tears or laughter come out as a result of the practice, feel free to express it, but keep the noise to a minimum to not disturb others. We hope to bring the human back into its natural state of being within the natural universe, and by practicing presence with other people, we can bring this to our other relationships as well.

When you enter the room, pick up a guideline and choose a seat. There will be two rows facing each other. Each person will have a partner. Each session will last approximately 10 minutes, after which a bell is rung. If you end up without a partner for the session, continue practicing your inward presence. Keep in mind this is not a staring contest! You can blink! Feel free to smile, laugh, cry, making faces, hug, kiss, or just be serious, but whatever you do, please be respectful of your partner, keep your noise level to a minimum, and keep others in mind. If you and your partner decide to move to another area of the room (i.e. sit on the floor etc.), feel free to do so!

Please note: If you are seen talking, whispering, or causing trouble, I will give you a gentle warning. If a major disturbance happens a second time, I will ask you to leave.


A bell will start each session (4 total sessions).

Breath & Awareness (5 min)

I will guide you through a short breathing exercise. After the exercise, I will guide you through an awareness exercise.

Connect (5 min)

Be present with your breath and emotions within you every step of the way

See your partner in front of you

Notice something that you love about this other person

Visualize your identity dissolving

Continue eye gazing as a being, not an identity. Free from thought

Remember intimacy needs authenticity and vulnerability. Don’t try to impress anyone or wear a mask (i.e. no need to smile or hug if you don’t feel like it). Let the real you shine through.


Discussion (10 min)

Questions, thoughts, discuss


Suggested $5. Please donate and support so that we can continue to grow this community. Since meetup charges organizers subscription fees to operate the group, your donation will help keep the group running and create more events!