Group Healing: Spiritual Insights into Depression

14540 John Marshall Hwy

19 Aug 17:30 - 18:45


This is for you if: You're someone who strives for enlightenment and/or empowerment but also battles periodic depression or feelings of emptiness.

Christina Ammerman, Master Practitioner of Energy Healing, will give you a new way to look at depression, including how it may be a natural part of moving from 3D into 4D & 5D consciousness. You'll also understand which chakras are typically involved in depression as well as patterns of the subconscious mind that play a role.

What you'll get from this session isn't just a better understanding of depression but a clearer understanding of your whole spiritual journey.

The session will conclude with Christina conducting a group session of Ascension Healing so that you can experience first-hand how energy healing can provide instant relief from feelings of depression.