Oils & Affirmations for Uplifting Emotions

14540 John Marshall Hwy

14 Aug 14:00 - 15:00

by meetup.com


This is for you if: You'd like a simple and instantly effective way to raise your vibration and feel more positive.

Individually, aromatherapy and affirmations are good ways to change your thinking and elevate your mood. Joyce has a special gift for crafting affirmations, and when they're combined with aromatherapy - WOW! the impact is something you have to experience.

What you'll receive from this class:
- An understanding of how aromatherapy works with the emotions
- An understanding of how affirmations work with the emotions
- Hands-on experience of combining the two
- A reference sheets of affirmations you can use when you need to uplift your emotions
- An essential oil sample of your choosing to promote emotional upliftment

SAVE $5! Attend both classes - Oils & Affirmations for Calming and for Uplifting - and pay only $25.