Falls Church Beginner Group: Favorite Vacation

@New Season Restaurant
7279 Arlington Blvd

14 Oct 15:00 - 17:00

by meetup.com


Note: You're always welcome to all of our sessions, but just know that this session is geared toward beginners (A1-A2).

Let's talk about the past! So far, we have focused on the present. Now we dig into the past. Let's talk vacations! In this meeting we will cover the following items:

1. Questions/concerns/answers from the last meeting.
2. Speed Chatting: talk about your favorite vacation.
3. Speed Gossiping: Gossip about other people's favorite vacation.
4. Pictionary: Describe an object and guess what it is.
5. Idiom: Guess the meaning of an idiomatic expression.
6. Questions/concerns about things we just went through.

Please remember to bring something to take notes and a dictionary and/or grammar book to look up things.