True Meditation & Beyond... A Quick & Effective Way to Find Peace & to Awaken!!

@Jeff Maurer's Townhouse
3 Briardale Ct.

12 Aug 23:30 - 13 Aug 02:30


Hi Spiritual Singles,

"Thank you for your time and presence Jeff, the meditation and discussion was memorable." ~ CG

“If you never experienced one of Jeff's guided meditations, you are missing out. He has a soothing tone and is able to bring you to that quiet place within. This meetup is friendly and comfortable. Thank you, Jeff. ” ~ mary

"It was a really nice gathering with awesome people... Thank you Jeff for organizing and generously opening your home and leading us to an awesome meditation... Really enjoyed it..." ~ Roya Dorost

Feel free to invite a friend!

On Saturday, AUGUST 12th, 7:30pm - 10:30pm

It's OK to arrive late or leave early!!

1) We will experience True Meditation & Beyond... and

2) We will explore whatever spiritual issues you would like to bring up...

This True Meditation event is for people who:

• have never meditated

• say they can't meditate

• have meditated for years or even decades and still haven't Realized their True Self

True Meditation is a very easy, simple, direct and effective meditation. I will lead us through the "lightly guided" meditation. This event is experiential, not philosophical, metaphysical or conceptual.

At the very least, this meditation will be stress relieving and peaceful. It may, also, be a way to reveal Spiritual Awakening or Enlightenment - your True Self...

I can almost guarantee that everyone will be able to get at least a glimpse of Enlightenment - Awareness/Spaciousness/Presence... This is the Truth of who you already really Are - your True Self...

We have been conditioned to identify with our body sensations, thoughts and emotions and not to identify as the Awareness in which all our body sensations, thoughts and emotions appear and disappear. However, it is possible to experience what is Free of the conditioning...

You, as a person, do not have to be special or extraordinary. It doesn't matter if you are fearful, depressed, sick, or have had a bad day or a good day. All that is required is to be open...

Please don't just believe me - check it out for yourself in this safe space...

At about 9:30 pm we will end the session and just joyfully mingle.

Snacks: Please bring a healthy snack. Water and herbal teas will be provided.

Cost: Free!

I hope you'll join us...

in This Peace and Gratitude...jeff