Market Checkup

45131 Columbia Pl

01 Dec 18:00 - 20:00


This is a group for anyone interested in talking about what is going on in the markets on an ongoing basis. Sometimes it's helpful to have intelligent discussion with other human beings on this subject, and to share perspectives and ideas. Though we have an open, casual format allowing for group and more intimate discussion, we try to start each meeting talking about some of the more recent market events/dynamics. More importantly, we also look to identify upcoming market events that are likely to move market sentiment; in 2016, such topics have included Brexit, the SDR rebalance of 10/1, and (of course) the "election".

We end up having quality/detailed discussions regarding positioning on individual stocks, sectors, and management in general in the current period. The point is to improve our returns via open source intelligence.

An important underlying subject for the group has been demographics of the US, its trading partners, and the rest of the world (and how the dynamics of the same are likely to shift in the future). The implications of the path of demographic change in the past and future is shared in some depth to provide context to investment decisions in current period.

The Leesburg Meetup meets every other Saturday morning at 9am at Wegmans in Leesburg in the upper level sitting area directly above the coffee bar; we will have several plastic cups placed upside down in the center of the table to mark our group.

The Sterling Meetup also meets every other Saturday, but at 1pm at the Wegmans in Sterling/Dulles; at that location, we meet above the sushi bar.

Finally, the Reston meetup meets every other Sunday at Panera at Reston Town Center; there we gather at the tables nearest the Hyatt lobby.

By attending the group, each person agrees that he/she is not giving or receiving investment advice and that their personal investment decisions are solely theirs.

Everyone is welcome; however, financial professionals are invitation only.