Imagine Your AHA with Carolyn Castro-Donlan PhD

@Imagine A Holistic Approach
15 S. Madison St

17 Aug 23:00 - 18 Aug 01:00


Let’s make all your best wishes come true by creating your individualized vision board or other visualization practice . Together we will create your sacred space that displays what you want in 2017 and beyond. Each participant can focus career, family, children, business or all of the above. We will guide you through a grounding and releasing meditation then get you started on visualizing and manifesting your best wishes. Based on “The Law of Attraction” you will learn how to create, visualize and manifest your goals in any area - home,relationships, family, career, finances, travel, health, personal growth, etc ... We will provide you with a personalized prosperity picture and some supplies to get you started. Bring your dreams and goals and let’s get to make these happen for you - we also suggest you bring any pictures or small momentos that inspire and motivate you. 

Workshop fee: $60 includes workshop materials

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