ThoughtSpot - Presentation & Demo - A new approach to Analytics

@Launch Workplaces Tysons
8607 Westwood Center Drive, Suite 250

07 Dec 23:30 - 08 Dec 01:30


Come and learn about ThoughtSpot's groundbreaking approach to analytics leveraging the "world's first relational search engine". On a mission to make analytics more intuitive for less technically inclined individuals ThoughtSpot is quickly gaining traction in the market with it's ease of use and speed. 

Using a live demonstration of the solution followed by Q/A:

ThoughSpot will walk the audience through:

• Value proposition for search based analytics

• How to load data into ThoughtSpot's in memory relational cache to enable search

• How to build a business friendly search experience using a "Worksheet" concept

• Perform actual searches/queries on sample data in a live environment

About the Speakers

Jorge De La Rosa is Regional VP for ThoughtSpot and has been working with data related software solutions for over 15 years including BI, Data Integration, Data Quality, and Master Data Management solutions.

Adam Calabrese has over 15 years in Data Management market in a technical capacity.