Chakra Meditations ~ A Sound Bath Series : THROAT CHAKRA

@Lila Arts
219 Loudoun St SE

12 Oct 22:30 - 13 Oct 00:30


This sound bath series will focus on one chakra each month for seven months. You are welcome to attend one or all of the meditations in the series (though, I will note that each chakra affects the next and we will be working from the root upward).

Each event of the series will include a Kundalini meditation/kriya specifically attending to the chakra of focus that evening, followed by a sound bath meditation. No prior understanding of chakras, meditation, yoga, etc. is required; each meditation will contain an educational component and you will be guided through the process from start to finish.

***Throat, or, Vishuddha Chakra***

No special tools are required, just your curiosity and presence. If you would like to bring a comfy pillow and light blanket, please do (I have mats and a few pillows on hand).

Don't hesitate to message with any questions. Discount available for those who wish to attend the entire series. RSVP as a courtesy so I can plan accordingly for tea/light refreshments.