Back Flower Essences: Complement to Health and Wellness

@The Cardinal Center for Healing
3919 Old Lee Highway, Suite 83A

12 Oct 23:00 - 13 Oct 00:00


An Intro to Flower Essences--A Complement to Health and Wellness

Come join our visiting facilitator, Barbara Binney, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, for an introductory presentation on flower essences.

Compare various remedies and learn how flower essences (different from essential oils) are a complement to enhancing your health and wellness.

Flower essences are:

--Energetic remedies infused with the essence of the flower's positive qualities

--Remedies for everyday challenges, e.g., fatigue, fear, worry, anxiety, etc.

Flower essences help:

--Bring you back into mental and emotional balance

--Reduce the effects of the stresses of daily living

Learn how flower essences can be used safely along with other remedies such as allopathic medicines, homeopathic remedies, essential oils and herbal remedies.

Find more joy, calm, focus, confidence, patience ... whatever you feel needs more support to bring you into wellness and well being.

Visiting facilitator: Barbara Binney, BFRP, Rainbow Chi Energy Healing, LLC,

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