Attend the August EVADC Meeting

@Potomac Library
10101 Glenolden Dr

16 Aug 23:00 - 17 Aug 01:00


Note: Not all members use Meetup.  The average meeting has 20-40 participants.

Meeting Agenda

The meeting will be held at the Potomac Library, (10101 Glenolden Dr, Potomac, MD).  Invite your friends and neighbors or especially someone who is talking about buying a new car. 

Meeting Agenda - Will be updated before the meeting

1. Introduce any new members or visitors.

2. Recent Events

3. Updates on EV legislation, Charging, and other EV Items in the News

4. Who has a new EV they want to tell us about? Anyone building a new EV or updating an existing one?

5. Presentations:

6. Future Events:

As always we'll start off with Pizza, beverages and lots of talking and networking! 

See the EVADC website for more information about our group.