Reston - Aug 13th - Abe Meetup - County Gov't Supervisor Office - 2:00PM

@North County NEW BLDG Gov't Supervisor's Office
1801 Cameron Glen Drive

13 Aug 18:00 - 20:00


WHAT THEY'RE SAYING ABOUT RESTON ABE-HICKS MEETUPS: "great discussions!" "always a shot in the arm" "peaceful and inspiring at the same time" "we enjoyed ourselves immensely"

NEW BUILDING VENUE - We're meeting in the new building of the North County Gov't Supervisor's Office, in room A. This is right next to the old building, which is now fenced off. Park on the street in front.

FEE - None

GUIDED MEDITATION - At 2:00, we will be led by Connee in a guided meditation based on the Abraham teachings.

DISCUSSION FORMAT - At 2:30, the meetup will follow our usual format of discussion focused on Abraham quotes on slips of paper. We talk about how a quote applies to our own experience in living the Law of Attraction. Everyone is welcome to jump in with related anecdotes of how they've seen that in their own lives. When we're done talking about that quote, we move on to the next one. The idea is to share what we're living and discuss the Law of Attraction life.


TIMING - The 'Abe quotes' discussion is from 2:30-4:00. Generally members hang out afterward and chat with each other. To learn about Law of Attraction, check the website of Jerry and Esther Hicks: