Understanding Practical Abundance

14540 John Marshall Hwy

12 Oct 22:30 - 23:30

by meetup.com


This is for you if: You're looking for a better understanding of how to manifest material abundance using spiritual principles.

“Practical Abundance” is about combining the Practical and the Magical to create a beneficial relationship with money. Here we use the ideas of Manifesting and Law of Attraction along with a basic budget to get to do more of the things you want to in life.

In this class you’ll learn about:

- Healing your relationship with money
- Ways to manifest more
- Simple budgeting ideas that invoke the Universe to fill those buckets
- Ways you may be inhibiting your money growth
- Doing more and worrying less!

You’ll come away with a clearer sense of the power you have over your flow of abundance, as well as practical next steps for managing that flow.