Free Mind and Meditation Workshop

@Karma Vitality Studio
15100 Enterprise Ct #300

14 Oct 15:30 - 16:30


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What you'll experience:

✔ The power of breathing techniques - The quickest, most effective way to dive deep into meditation✔ Insights into the nature of mind - How to relax your mind ✔ Breathing exercises and Guided Meditation ✔ Introduction to the world-renowned Art of Living Happiness Program✔ Ask questions to experts

* This session is an introduction to the Art of Living Happiness Program. The cornerstone of the Happiness Program is the Sudarshan Kriya, a technique that has provided powerful benefits to millions of people globally. Operating in over 150 countries, the Art of Living is one of the world’s largest volunteer-based non-profit organizations, and is dedicated to creating a stress-free, violence-free society.Research Result Highlights (on Sudarshan Kriya and related practices)Relevant Scientific Research

Got some free time? Watch this five minute video on the Science of Breath -