Training in VIENNA on Tuesdays! Your first Two Classes are FREE!

@Parking Garage--Top Floor--Directly Behind 8619 Westwood Center Dr, Vienna, VA 22182
8619 Westwood Center Dr

15 Nov 00:00 - 02:00


This class is also posted in our Fairfax, VA meetup group found here:

Are you ready to experience a brilliant evolution in fitness and self-defense training? There must be a reason why our training program has been gaining so many high praises from so many people in such a short amount of time. We welcome you to come join the WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS movement and find out for yourself! Please check the location the day of, as it is subject to change. Also, I will make a judgement call at least 4 hours ahead of time if there is inclement weather (wear clothing appropriate for the outdoor weather). In addition, I will occasionally have to cancel due to personal/work related reasons.

We will train for 2 hours. No one is obligated to train for the entire session, of course. I will divide the training up into two 1-hour halves for those of you who can only spare an hour. The training fee is $20 per hour. Thus, if you're staying for 2 hours = $40, 1 hour = $20, 30 Mins = $10 CASH, VENMO, CREDIT CARD, and PAYPAL accepted.

Sessions will usually begin with stick-fighting form drills in the first hour (although I will occasionally have surprises in store). The drills are the foundation of our training. They are great for cardiovascular fitness, form, movement, timing, coordination, flexibility, balance, reaction speed, etc. They are the essential keys to unlocking your potential in all aspects of fitness, self-defense, and even mental cognition. The second hour will focus on power building, target drills, partner drills, and/or empty-handed self-defense techniques that utilize the same movements trained with the the stick-fighting drills. I'll also intersperse the classes with some tactical knowledge and strategies for staying safe when out and about around the world--or even here at home. I strive to tailor the class in order to give each student exactly what they need at the time. Everybody should walk away with something new each session. You can really jumpstart your progress if you watch our online tutorials before coming to class. They are a very inexpensive and convenient way to master the basics. You can find them here:

So far I've had nothing but great comments about these classes from students. I've found also found that anyone who attends one class is extremely likely to be hooked and come back. There's just no more efficient, time-saving, or fun way to work out. It makes sense to build valuable self-defense skills while getting fit. And workouts that require coordination and balance are scientifically proven to enhance the brain. WHY would anyone go repeatedly heft a weight up and down or jump up and down on a box while their brain falls asleep? Those kinds of workouts provide less gain with more time spent. So unless you're a "sheep" who just follows the herd without using your brain, you ought to come join us!

The beauty of our stick-fighting drills is that once you learn them, you have a fitness and self-defense training regimen that improves many things at once, and you can do it literally anywhere by yourself OR with others. Join our elite workout gang of Special Forces veterans, busy CEOs, policymakers, world adventurers, James Bonds, Indiana Jones', and the like! And when people see you swinging a stick out in the surf on a tropical beach or on a high mountaintop somewhere, they will almost certainly ask you about what you're doing. Then tell them you're a member of WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS and SELF-DEFENSE! Crossfitters, Yogis, and others will never be able to match your superior mental, physical, and spiritual fitness OR your REAL warrior skills!

Kindest Regards,
Nick "The Ronin"