Free Dinner & Movie with a catch...!:)


15 Jan 01:00 - 06:00


I need anyone support and presence at the Napa city meeting coming up this Wednesday at 6:00 pm  at the Pelusi Building, 2296 Streblow Drive in Napa to review the existing procedures and requirements relating to vacation rentals and to consider possible amendments to these requirements.

As some of you are aware, I also run a bed & breakfast out of my home and would very much appreciate any extra support at this meeting for a stronger none opposing presence!

We will all meet at my home around 5ish to be sure to get there on time!

If anyone can't get here till 6...then just meet us there direct!

I will make lasagna and salad for after the meeting and will even put a movie on...Just bring some Wine!:)

You  need to live in Napa county area...for your presence to count!:)

Please RSVP. ASAP.

Your passionate chef


Arugula salad


My Classic Bechamel/Tomato sauce combo lasagna