Paint and Sip..Lets explore our creative side!

@Muse Paintbar - Mosaic District
2920 District Avenue

14 Nov 23:00 - 15 Nov 01:00


Our last event was so much fun so I have decided for us to try another Paint and Sip Event!  Need a total of 10 to confirm the event. Please sign up and then we can buy the tickets.

November Rain Painting

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
7:00-9:30 PM 

Door opens at 6:30 PM

Night: 1 house wine, beer or soda included per seat. 

Careful where you dip your paint brush! :)

Lead Instructor: Logan Perryman


   Please log in to their site and buy your ticket. Just remember to buy it for the correct date: Nov 14, 2017.