Tech Toast Special Event: Technical speaking & presentation skills

@*Nova Labs (Classroom A)
1916 Isaac Newton Sq West

14 Nov 23:00 - 15 Nov 01:00


This is a JOINT SPECIAL EVENT between the Bi-Weekly TOASTMASTERs Group at NoVA Labs and BSIDESNOVA Cybersecurity Conference currently scheduled for 23-24 Feb 2018 at the CIT Building in Herndon, VA. See to submit your talk (CFP); 10min to 50 min talks available.

BSIDESNOVA will be sponsoring pizza for this event!!!

This is a two-part workshop: first advisors for BSidesNoVa will share what it takes to submit a winning proposal.  Next, Tech Toastmasters demonstrate how the Toast Masters Events works every other week at NOVA Labs to help individual improve speaking and communication skills.

6:00 PM  Introductions
6:15  PM   Local Professionals that review conference submissions will tell you the secrets to success for being chosen at any conference.
6:45  PM  Social time - Pizza Served sponsored by BSidesNoVA
7:00  PM  Toast Masters holds their regular event for every to observe or participate.
8:00  PM Event concludes


Look around at any technical or security conference and you will notice some amazing people stage and you might ask yourself: How could I do that? The information security community needs to hear your story! 

If you are interested in making 2018 your year to speak at a technical conference such as for BSidesNoVa, please join us Tuesday, Nov 14th to explore how you can prepare and submit a proposal to a conference.

This part of this workshop will be led by Kathleen Smith, and members of the BSIDESNOVA Team.

What this workshop will provide you:

An overview of what is involved with submitting a presentation proposal An opportunity to ask three presenters their experiences with submitting a proposal, presenting a proposal and how to be successful. If you are not comfortable being the sole presenter, how do you become a panelist? A list of upcoming local and national conferences to keep an eye on in 2018.


ToastMasters holds their regularly scheduled event for everyone to observe or participate.  There is no better way to improve your public speaking skills.

Come learn, practice, and improve your technical, conference, and spontaneous speaking skills in a friendly, supportive environment. Become a more effective speaker, listener, and seller of your ideas at work, business, college or school. So many technical people are full of brilliant ideas, but really need to hone their effective communications skills, eye contact, persuasive techniques, body language, voice projection, and people skills. Let's practice these key skills together.

Sponsored by the ISSA-NOVA Tech Toast club. Unlike larger clubs, attendees get lots more practice opportunities as they need it.

Turning your invention into a reality? Run your talk or marketing pitch across this group. There are engineers and IT people who will be able to give you balanced feedback. Too stiff, voice control, monotone? This is where you improve in those areas.