Music Networking 26

12091 Rockville Pike

13 Jan 00:30 - 02:30


Please READ below why you are paying for this meetup.

Starbucks is next to Barnes & Noble.

Due to the winter weather, we may cancel this meetup.  Please check here often.

Why You Are Paying:

​​I​ wanted to make sure that members, whether beginner or expert or doing music for fun or for future career, ​actually meet members who seriously want to meet other members.

This is also to ensure that members show up when they RSVP.

Meetings will be $35.  If you show up you will be refunded $30.

The $5 fee is an additional measure to make sure you are serious about meeting members.  Meetup charges a $3.13 processing fee and will be taken out of the $5.


$35 >>  for meetup
$30 >>  refunded if you show up
$3.13 >> Meetup processing fee

Of course you can just show up without an RSVP.  But if no one RSVPs 24 hours before the meetup, it will be cancelled.

YOU WIN when more members show up.  YOU WIN when more serious members show up.

YOU WIN when the quantity and the quality goes up.

There is NO GUARANTEE you will meet the person you are looking for.

The guarantee is NOTHING will happen if you do not show up.