American-Russian Cultural Cooperation Gala

@National Geographic
1600 M Street, NW

18 Nov 23:30 - 19 Nov 03:30


At this junction of time and political environment, it is easy to realize how much cultural diplomacy plays. This annual gala is magnifies the American and Rusian cultural relationships through entertainment and food. Exhibits, like a centennial time travel  of Photojournalism to Cinematography (1914 - 2014). It is also decorated by the presence of The Ambassador of Russia to the USA.

Black Tie required.

This great bell was first cast in the 15th century. In the early 1600’s it was

recast to hang in the Kremlin’s “Ivan the Great Bell Tower.” It fell in a fire in the

mid-17th century. It was recast again only to suffer a similar fate. It was recast

a third time in 1735, and once again damaged by fire which caused an 11 ton

chunk to break away. The bell collapsed into its casting pit where it remained

for a century. Many efforts to excavate it were made, including Napoleon’s, who

wanted to take it as a trophy after occupying Moscow in 1812. The bell was

raised in 1836 and placed on a stone pedestal in the Kremlin. At over 200 tons,

it remains the largest in the world.

Photo: Gilbert H. Grosvenor, "Young Russia: The Land of Unlimited Possibilities."

National Geographic Magazine, November 1914.