Reiki Psychic Attunements at Rising Phoenix in Manassas

@Rising Phoenix Holistic Center
9028 D Prince William Street

07 Dec 23:00 - 08 Dec 03:00


Open your intuition with a Reiki psychic attunement. These attunements gently lift the veil to hearing, seeing, knowing and feeling the truth.  They clear the blocks to the following psychic gifts:

clairaudience - clear hearing

clairsentience - clear feeling

claircognizance - clear knowing

clairvoyance - clear seeing

These attunements work!  While individual results vary, many people have reported an increase in synchronicities and psychic hits after having received these attunements.  These clearings typically occur gradually and progressively. However, some people have reported improved intuition within the next week.

Here is what one person experienced after the attunement.

“I didn't know what to expect from the Reiki psychic attunements, but I am so happy I gave it a try.  When I was receiving them, I felt like a windshield wiper was clearing my third eye from the inside.  A few days later, I noticed that my insight was improving, and I was able to direct a client where to find something important she had misplaced.  I feel a stronger and easier connection to guidance.”

Must be a Reiki Level 2 practitioner to receive the attunements.

You may repeat the attunements at least 2 weeks after you receive them.

If this is the first time you are receiving the attunement, the cost is $30.

Subsequent re-attunements are $20.

By appointment only.

Ranessa Porter, RMT will perform these attunements.  Please email her at [masked] or call[masked] to schedule your attunement.  

Ranessa is an IET Master-Instructor, a Reiki Master-Teacher, and a certified aromatherapist.  She has been practicing IET and Reiki since 2012.   Ranessa’s Earth Spirit Reiki sessions combine these modalities to offer deep healing, insight, support, and transformation.

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