LT: Laser Cutter 101 Red Safety Training

@*Nova Labs (Conference Rm 1)
1916 Issac Newton Sq West

08 Dec 00:00 - 02:00


Get signed off to use our laser cutters with this hands-on class. The process is a simply one, but this class is critical for your safety and that of the laser equipment.

Nova Labs currently has 2 100W CO2 laser cutters. This class signs off for use of either laser. To maximize your learning, we highly recommend you prepare for class by downloading the software and playing with it before class. 

Attendees will get some background in a conference room setting then will get hands-on practice with a equipment. 

Use of the printers by non-members (Attendees) is permitted only with a Nova Labs day pass and this sign off class.

Prerequisite: Nova Labs Green Orientation (GO) Safety sign off.

Bringing your computer is preferred but not required.  

Download RDWorksV8 Windows SW for your computer:

Youtube Training Series