THURSDAY Business Referral Roundtable Networking

@Greenhouse Bistro
2070 Chain Bridge Road

07 Dec 16:30 - 18:30


This is a business lunch with the opportunity to meet some of the Best of the Best entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales reps. We are a group of professionals looking to build each other's businesses, improve sales and become more profitable through business fellowship, leadership, and networking. We are private business association although we run our meeting similar to other networking groups. In attendance will be a dynamic group of top, peak producing business owners, sales reps, and entrepreneurs who are looking to meet you.

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I'm looking forward to building strong, strategic referral relationships that lead to huge profits for all members.

We meet Thursdays from 11:30- 1:00 at The Green House Bistro!!!

We'll see you in the winner's circle!!!