Astrological Archetypes and You with Mary Jane Banks

@Rising Phoenix Holistic Center
9028 D Prince William Street

07 Dec 18:00 - 21:00


Explore the key astrological archetypes and how they relate to you on a personal and practical level. We will look at the signs, planets, and houses in the context of the 12 archetypes, 6 polarities, 4 elements, and 3 qualities. You may  know your sun sign, but all the signs and planets form a cocktail of energies that affect your approach to life, interests, perceptions, strengths, vulnerabilities, relationships, career choices, and so on. 

The discussion will draw from the participants’ natal charts, making the examples specifically relevant and allowing time for individual questions.

$39 per person

Pre-registration required by Tuesday, December 5th, so Mary Jane can prepare your natal chart.   Please call[masked] or email  us at:   [masked].

Please provide datetime, and place of birth when you register.

Mary Jane Banks is a natural psychic-intuitive, medium, channel, and energy worker. She has spent the past 25 years primarily focusing on planetary gridwork, soul clearing, and healing and expanding her own consciousness, while assisting others to do the same. She is also a writer, poet, speaker, and teacher who offers courses on a variety of subjects, including tarot, astrology, personal empowerment, working with energy, and developing innate intuitive abilities. 

Mary Jane will be available for 15 minute ($25), 30 minute ($50), and 60 minute ($100) sessions on Thursday,  December 14, between 1pm and 5pm. Drop by or call[masked] to book your preferred time in advance.