Thursday evening tennis (Woodley Gardens!)

@Woodley Gardens Park
900 Nelson Street

07 Dec 23:15 - 08 Dec 02:15


Lets have some fun challenging evening tennis! Bring decent balls, water, racket, and a playful attitude! See Tim or an alternate host when you arrive to get placed in your best matching group.

Note: If you're new to the etiquette of tennis, please don't walk through or behind a neighboring court that playing a point to get a ball or go to the next court on to play. Its OK, to ask for a ball during the court's break between points. Don't just hit to or very hard to a weaker player to win games.

Please also note that if there are not enough courts, or if for some reason the meetup is over capacity, that we try to play one set, and allow other members to play. There have been times when people may play more than one set even when other people are waiting to play - let's be nice to them and let them have fun as well!

If you're on the waiting list, please allow those who first registered to play unless they're willing to share. Let Tim or host know if you have requests or complaints.

If you like what you see in the meetup, please help us out by donating to the site. At the very least, that way we can keep the meetup site running and continue the activities as they are. Thank you!

Disclaimer: As with any physical exercise, please check with your physician before starting any vigorous exercise such as tennis. Tennis is a physically challenging sport and not recommended for everyone. All participants workout at their own risk. Tennis - Bethesda/Rockville/Potomac Area's organizers, assistant organizers and group organizers are not responsible for any injuries that may occur. Please remember to bring water to every session to stay hydrated.

NB: Any donations to keep the meetup going is very much appreciated.