WW: Furniture Making 101 - Build and Tool Sign Off

@Nova Labs (Woodshop)
1916 Isaac Newton Square West

12 Jan 23:00 - 13 Jan 03:00

by meetup.com


Ready to build your first piece of solid wood furniture from scratch? This build class will guide you through the entire process of building a ~18" x 18" x 24" end table, beginning from rough sawn lumber, milling it flat to S4S, cutting mortise and tenon joinery, and working through to finish preparation. The build class will provide you with RED tool training and sign-off for all tools used during the class. At a minimum it will include the table saw, planer, jointer, miter saw, and router/router table.

Sign offs: Red Woodshop (planer, joiner, table saw), Router

Please note the following for the class:
1. You must have completed Green Orientation
2. You must attend the required WW: Furniture Making 101 Seminar https://www.meetup.com/NOVA-Makers/events/245748112/
3. The build class will occur over 4x 4-hour sessions. No makeup sessions will be provided. The exact dates are:
3a. Friday 1/12/2018 6pm - 10pm
3b. Saturday 1/13/2018 1pm - 5pm
3c. Friday 1/26/2018 6pm - 10pm
3d. Saturday 1/27/2018 9am - 1pm
4. Registration closes 1 week prior to the class. No refunds after that point.
5. Course fee includes a $60 material-fee (instructor-selected hardwood). A bring your own material option (waive the material-fee) is available with coordination with the instructor for the rough material list.
6. Project may not be completed within the total 16 hours of working time. Students will be expected to complete additional work (as necessary) during open shop hours or independently upon sign-off on the tools.

Minimum required tools for each attendee are as follows (no guarantee of availability at Nova-Labs for all sessions):
1. A 5mm pencil
2. 12" Combination square (recommended)
3. Safety equipment (i.e. safety glasses and hearing protection)