Core Values Negotiation Meetup of Rockville

@Panera Bread Rockville Town Square
219 E Middle Ln

13 Feb 18:00 - 19:30


Have you had or are you having a conflict with anyone or any group at work, in your family, with a friend, a partner, a political party, or even yourself? Do you know anyone who has and has been discouraged, upset or obsessed with that conflict? If so, Core Values are a way to change how to engage in and experience conflict. It is possible to respect yourself fully, while being able to truly understand what motivates those that oppose what matters to you. Prepare to be surprised.

• We'll get to meet one another, have a coffee or snack, tell a few good jokes (if appropriate) about the conflicts that have made our lives interesting and then explore some ways to do them differently.

• Bring your curiosity and willingness to share. Prepare to be listened to by host! Notebooks/pens or modern equivalents welcome. If you bring a guest let me know.

• The first two months I'll buy a coffee for the first person to arrive on time.