Contractor Chat/HUBZone Quarterly: SBA HZ Rep and Leesburg HZ Workforce Rep

@Mason Enterprise Center
202 Church Street SE

16 Apr 15:30 - 17:00


Contractor Chat this month hosts the HUBZone Quarterly meeting. Guest speakers this month are Brian Lederhouse, SBA Business Opportunity Specialist and Michael Bozeth, Employer Services Coordinator at the Loudoun Workforce Center.

Mr. Lederhouse does 1st level reviews of HUBZONE applications at the SBA. He will share key aspects and address attendee questions regarding applications and compliance issues. Come learn from Brian Lederhouse, so you are able to take full advantage of this key set-aside program.

Mr. Bozeth helps businesses access the right employees to fill their HUBZone workforce needs. He is currently working to help match employers to candidates based on industry and the nature of work that needs to be done.

This event provides insight into successful small contractors, large prime contractors, reps from government agencies, and other resources. Each month features a contractor or resource person who shares strategies, tips and tricks to grow your government contracting business successfully. This is also a great venue to meet new companies to team and partner with.

Lunch is provided.