Fitness Train with a Buddy

@Plum Gar Community Center
19561 Scenery Drive

13 Feb 23:00 - 14 Feb 00:30


• What we'll do
Empowerment, Encouragement and Accountability
Many women consider their friends to be their main motivators for staying in shape. Knowing that people are expecting you and will notice if you’re not there can mean the difference between a sweat session and a sofa session. Women will push themselves harder in a group weight training session than if they exercised alone.
(This is not a class. Each member will have the same workout sheet and will be able to go at their own pace fulfilling the workout reps and sets).
Each member will be given a workout sheet to follow. A personal Trainer will assist you if your new to weight training.
Cost: $20 drop in fee
Membership: 55 and over $50 per year
• What to bring
Thick Mat if you have one
• Important to know
The gym is hot - dress accordingly