PFS Ire Of The Storm PT 3 : The Sky Tempest Temple [3-5] (Part 2)

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13 Feb 23:00 - 14 Feb 03:00


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This is the Last Part of the Module - Players are auto signed in from previous adventures. This is the continuation.

The exiled Storm Kindlers settled on this site after discovering the mist-filled limestone caverns below and interpreted them as a sign of Gozreh’s favor. The original construction of the Sky Tempest Temple included the above ground stone fortifications—an exaggeration of the typically humble architecture associated with Gozreh— and a stairwell leading to the “Sky Tempest” in the caverns below. As She Who Guides the Wind and Waves demands of her faithful, the temple has no roofs, and the stone walls shelter those inside only from outside aggressors, while still admitting the wind and rain from above. Natural forces and aggressive plant growth eroded the temple quickly in the years following the death of the Storm Kindlers, collapsing portions to the northeast and southwest. The Mireborn lizardfolk also altered the temple and its grounds, adopting several rooms to their own needs and erecting numerous huts to the west. The eastern section of the temple remains untouched by the lizardfolk, who fear and avoid the spirits who dwell there.

if there is a player they would only get half credit and half xp since we are over 50% through. i am putting it public to let people know the store has 2 current tables.

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