Badwolf campaign session one of: Tomb Of Annihilation

@BadWolf Brewing Company
8420 Kao Circle

23 Feb 21:30 - 24 Feb 01:00


• What we'll do
Just a casual meet up, this will be for 21+ since they serve alcohol. If you're interested in joining the group for a fun exciting adventure in the Tomb of Annihilation please let me know, my name is Hunter and I'll be there.

Oh in addition I will be giving away a few set's of dice, people signing up for the game get first dibs on their favorites of 140 dice.

• What to bring: nothing really, maybe bring dice, if enough people decide to join the game I could begin the adventure. ***If you cannot make it do not be discouraged from inquiring. This campaign will take a long time to complete, and there's nothing wrong with joining in party way. Sometimes it's even better to shake things up with a sudden introduction. Don't be afraid to contact.

• Important to know
This is a social event and signup for a campaign. Come by and hang out, have a drink with us!