PR: Bitcoin Mining 101

@*Nova Labs (Classroom B)
1916 Isaac Newton Square W.

13 Mar 23:00 - 14 Mar 02:00


Bitcoin is digital money used for secure and rapid transfer of value anywhere in the world. The Cryptography Study Group recently examined the Bitcoin protocol. Now, go from theory to practice with this hands-on Bitcoin mining class.

You will learn how to:

• Setup an Antminer hardware Bitcoin miner
• Register the miner with a mining pool.
• Direct earnings to a Bitcoin wallet on your own computer.
• Profit (not guaranteed)

This is a hands-on class. Each student* will connect and configure a Bitcoin miner.

After this course, you will understand:

• How to choose Bitcoin mining hardware, mining pools, and wallets
• Costs of running Bitcoin miners
• What is a Bitcoin and what is the block chain?
• How to exchange Bitcoins for dollars
• Tax consequences of Bitcoin mining

Part of your course fee will pay for Bitcoins to use in class.

Please bring your own laptop computer to keep your Bitcoins secure.

Your instructor has been mining Bitcoins since 2015.

* The first five students to register will setup Bitcoin miners. Additional students may watch and help. All students will receive Bitcoins.

Prerequisites: None