BL: Making Tools And Knives On The Belt Grinder

@Nova Labs
1916 Issac Newton Sq West

13 Mar 23:00 - 14 Mar 01:00


This class teaches the basics of grinding and sanding metal using a variable speed belt grinder.

Sign off: 72 inch Belt Grinder
Prerequisite: Nova Labs Green Orientation

Our 72 inch grinder has a 2 inch belt and is specifically designed for precision grinding tools and knives. It gives you a lot of freehand grinding surfaces that get into corners and curves of your piece. If you know a few simple techniques, it is safe, efficient, and a joy to use. It can also be one of the most dangerous tools in the shop, so you need this class before you can touch it.

If you have a knife or tool you need to grind, bring it. You will be given a piece of steel to work with if you don't have a project.

Safety: Safety glasses, leather shoes, and non-synthetic clothes. A good respirator or mask is strongly recommended. You absolutely must wear safety glasses that wrap around the sides, even if you wear glasses, and even if your glasses are rated as safety glasses. This flings flakes of metal at your face. Anyone who does not wear safety glasses with this machine, even for a few seconds, will be banned from using it. Note that we have safety glasses to borrow. Also, may be a good idea to mark your personal gloves and glasses since they are frequently forgotten at the lab.

This can make sparks that can burn little holes through your clothes, so please wear cotton, wool or leather. We will provide a leather apron if you want.

** Refunds not offered for those not meeting pre-requisites or safety dress at the time of the class.