GO: Green Orientation

@*Nova Labs (Classroom A)
1916 Isaac Newton Sq West

13 Mar 23:00 - 14 Mar 01:00

by meetup.com


Green Orientation class discusses our code of conduct, safety policy, culture, and procedures. It is very important to helping spread our culture and expectations and is one of the important ways we make sure that people integrate into our community. Get your "how-to" questions answered,

Mandatory prerequisite ONLY for participants who:
- Want to sign up as a member OR an Attendee who can buy a Day Pass ($15 per use)
- Want to attend a safety sign off class AND get the sign off documented so you can use the tool independently to make your own projects
- Want to use the soldering station, Green Way, and hand tools
- Want to sit and use Orange Bay for your projects and to socialize outside a scheduled meetup
- Are an existing member who wants to refresh you knowledge of current processes and policies

Sign off: Green Orientation
***You do NOT need GO as a prerequisite unless it explicitly states that on the meetup you are attending.
**You MUST take a tour of the lab first so you have seen the shop areas at least once.
**TODAY, NOW, BEFORE CLASS: YOU MUST REGISTER for a free account at https://nova-labs.org/auth/register.html

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::DO THIS BEFORE CLASS!!!!!!:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
- DO NOT show up without signing up for this class or getting permission.

--->>>> Register for a free account at https://nova-labs.org/auth/register.html

- Check in at the front desk so we can verify your registration prior to class attendance

Tours: Offered weekdays 5:30pm-8:30pm or weekends 1-4pm. - Arrive no later than 30 minutes before class if you have not had a tour yet and request one!

* Associates Members: After class you will be issued a key card to access the shops independently

* Non-members: You will move to the Attendee participation level. Attendees with a Day Pass and applicable safety training can use the lab and tools independently.

***Sign-off credit is given only at the end of the class. Do not leave early and do not skip the safety walk through.

If the class is full, please enroll in the next class with available seats. To find that class:
1. https://www.meetup.com/NOVA-Makers/events/calendar/
2. Check the full calendar view and use your browser to search on "Green".
3. If all the classes are full, email [masked]