Separation and Divorce Care

@Vienna Presbyterian Church
124 Park Street Northeast

13 Mar 23:00 - 14 Mar 01:00


Separation and Divorce Care is a very successful support group for both men and women. One of the BEST things about our program in this busy world is our FLEXIBILITY. Each week is a Free-Standing Topic and you may join us on ANY or ALL Tuesday's. Whatever you do, don't miss Session #4 on March 20. Legal and Financial experts discuss VA Divorce Law and offer Financial Suggestions. I promise that you will find a warm and caring environment in an otherwise difficult season of your life. Where family and friends may find it difficult to understand your pain, we have been there and we DO understand! Just Come! You will be glad you did.

Questions? Visit and enter zip 22180. There is a ONE TIME $20 charge for 13 weeks, to include an extremely helpful workbook. We do offer scholarships because our primary goal is to help, support, and guide. Our non-denominational group meetings are held at the Vienna Presbyterian Church, Vienna, VA. 22180
We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you get through this portion of life's journey. Men and Women.