Just Jolts!

@Excella Consulting Arlington Tech Exchange ATX
2300 Wilson Blvd Suite 630

16 May 21:30 - 17 May 01:00

by meetup.com


This session is going to focus on Jolts. Broadly speaking, Jolts are very short 'games/exercises/simulations' to get a singular point across; they are generally 15 minutes max in length (though a debrief could take it a bit past that...).

Mark Heppler is going to be leading this GALE session; however it will be up to YOU to bring one Jolt to share to fill the session. After all, we're here to share and learn. Even if you think people have used the Jolt before, bring it and share it. There may be a different way you facilitate it or run your debrief that people would like to get something out of...