SQL Server Secrets and Tips and Tricks

@Microsoft Store - Tysons Corner Center
1961 Chain Bridge Road

16 May 22:00 - 17 May 00:30

by meetup.com


SQL Server (latest version is v[masked]) has a lot to learn and can really help your career. We will teach you the basics well and get you used to the new concepts if you are coming from Access or Excel. Whether you are a user or programmer it is a big adjustment but we will make it easy.

This class starts at the beginning and walks you through the basics of SQL and SQL Server i.e.
=> Which version of SQL Server is best for you?
=> How to speed up queries
=> What a stored procedure is, creating them and modifying them.
=> How stored procedures differ from direct SQL queries the advantages and disadvantages.
=> What Window functions are...
=> What Power Query, BI and DAX brings to the party and how to use them?
=> SQL Third Party enhancements including IDE enhancements, Unit Testing, etc.
=> How noSQL can enhance SQL server performance and storage
=> What DataWarehouse and BI tools are and how t-SQL handles such scenarios

Also as a bonus we will discuss some essential knowledge on the non-SQL up and coming databases like Hadoop, MongoDB, CouchDB, etc. to give people some perspective on DBMS systems in general. And how these noSQL (or SQL+ as some call them) Databases differ from SQL Server.